Richard Thompson's illustrations have appeared in U.S. News and World Report, The New Yorker, National Geographic and The Atlantic Monthly.

Thompson is a recipient of the National Cartoonists Society's Magazine and Book Illustration Award and its Newspaper Illustration Award. He also won a Gold and a Silver Funny Bone Award from the Society of Illustrators for humorous illustration. And in 2004, he received the Milton F. Sonny Clogg Alumni of the Year award from Montgomery College in Rockfield, Md.

Cul de Sac first appeared in The Washington Post Magazine in 2005 and has been popular there ever since.

"Since we came up with Cul de Sac for our magazine three years ago, it's become one of our more popular features. A December 2006 Web survey placed it in the top third of our recurring features. We also have anecdotal evidence that the readers who follow Cul de Sac feel very attached to it based on many impassioned letters, both to the editors and to Richard," explains Tom Shroder, editor, The Washington Post Magazine.

Thompson's Richard's Poor Almanac appears weekly in The Washington Post Style section. A compendium of his collected Almanac cartoons was published in 2005 by Emmis Books. One of the more famous episodes of the Almanac was the cartoon titled Make the Pie Higher, which was about Bushisms. It leaked out onto the Internet and spread rapidly, causing a sensation.

Thompson has not strayed far from his hometown of Arlington, Va., where he lives with his wife and two daughters.